Pay Equity
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AWIS affirms that strengthening current laws, such as the Equal Pay Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and passing new legislation that helps close the wage gap are key steps to improving equity in the workplace, including gender equity. AWIS asserts that with a growing number of women entering the workforce, particularly in the STEM fields, closing the wage gap now will help ensure equal opportunity in the workforce in the future.

What You Need to Know About Equal Pay

Although the gap between earnings by men and women in STEM is smaller than it is for most other professions, it still persists.

50 years since the Equal Pay Act
Department of Labor Equal Pay Portal

Women in STEM: A gender gap to innovation

The US Department of Commerce conducted a study to examine the wage gap for STEM workers. They find that women in STEM make more than the average woman in the United States, but that a gap between men and women remains.

Women in STEM make 14% less than men
Nature: Gender wage gap smaller in science and technology

Negotiating for Equal Pay in the Postdoctoral Community and Beyond

Most women fail to negotiate the salary for their first job which has a detrimental outcome for the rest of their career earning potential. This presentation outlines the importance of negotiation, strategies for successful negotiation, and information for those negotiating for their first academic start up package.

How and why to ask for what you deserve

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