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AWIS is a powerful and steady ally throughout your professional and personal journey.


Invest In Yourself
AWIS gives you the tools and connections you need to lead in your profession. Access our on-demand career and personal development resources exclusively tailored to the needs of women in STEM. 
Build Your Community
With AWIS, you leverage a network of more than 20,000 colleagues, allies, and employers for personal and professional advancement. 
Be Informed
AWIS research and thought leadership communications dig deep into the literature and are designed to support you as you define and accelerate your individual success. 
Stand Tall for Diversity and Inclusion
Allyship includes action and advocacy, crucial to creating lasting, impactful change. With AWIS, you amplify your voice on issues that impact science, society, and women in STEM across all disciplines and work sectors. 
Make Systemic Change Happen
AWIS magnifies your power to be a change agent for equity and inclusion in the STEM. Our research provides evidence-based applications and practical solutions to transform the STEM workplace across all employment sectors. 
Become an AWIS Ambassador
Lend your experience to inform AWIS advocacy, research, and systemic change initiatives. As a leader in STEM, you serve as a role model, mentor, and champion for women in STEM.


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You want to drive systemic change. AWIS executive events and speaker opportunities showcase your passion for gender equity.

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Aspiring leaders need role models and guidance. You create a legacy that has lasting impact on future generations of women in STEM.

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You are a catalyst for equity in your organization and community. AWIS sustains you as a change agent.

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Step up the career ladder and build your leadership toolbox with AWIS knowledge programs, mentoring, and advocacy training.

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This basic level of membership allows you access to our dynamic community to stay current on issues, events, and opportunities.

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Member Exclusive Resources

  • Online Member Portal: engage in constructive conversation with members, allies, and thought leaders.
  • Membership Directory: connect with AWIS members worldwide.
  • Washington Wire: stay informed on trends, opportunities, and events with our twice monthly e-news digest.
  • AWIS Magazine: follow the recognition and record of women’s contributions to the STEM enterprise and their impact on society.
  • AWIS Webinars: access free on-demand learning and development programs.
  • AWIS Event Calendar: register for local and national events.

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