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What We Do

AWIS is a global network that inspires bold leadership, research, and solutions that advance women in STEM, spark innovation, promote organizational success, and drive systemic change.

Advocacy and Public Engagement

AWIS works at the nexus of STEM and gender to provide high-quality policy solutions and recommendations for broadening participation across all disciplines and employment sectors.

Talent and Leadership Development

AWIS helps women in STEM achieve their full potential through leadership and professional talent development at all career stages and in all workplace settings.

Research and Analysis

AWIS provides research and analysis on contemporary issues relevant to America’s STEM enterprise. Thoughtful leadership includes workforce recruitment, retention, and recognition.

Strategic Partnerships and Business Solutions

AWIS is your partner. We support corporate transformation to cultivate supportive and inclusive work cultures that help attract and retain top talent.

Our Vision

As a result of the work we do, women in STEM will be:

  • Compensated fairly and without discrimination;
  • Advanced equitably and without bias;
  • Respected and recognized for their scientific achievements;
  • Exposed to successful role models in leadership positions; and
  • Able to achieve optimum work/life integration.

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