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The Association for Women in Science (AWIS) respects the privacy of visitors to its website, event registrants, newsletter subscribers and others AWIS customers and users. This Privacy Policy explains what personal information we collect from these users and how we use, disclose and protect it. In general, personal information we obtain is provided voluntarily by the data subject. We limit disclosures of personal information, and when we do disclose it to third parties, we usually allow data subjects to opt-out of those disclosures.

Collection of Information

AWIS does not collect any personally identifying information from users browsing our Web site. Aggregate demographic data such as pages views and unique visitors used for internal and marketing purposes is collected.

Users to the public areas of AWIS’s website browse anonymously.  We do not attempt to identify website visitors.   Cookies are used by AWIS for internal and marketing purposes and to improve the user’s website experience.  Users can control the use of cookies on their browsers.  Users who do not accept cookies or delete their cookies may have a less than optimal user experience, such as finding it necessary to reenter identification details on each visit to the site.

Information Collected From AWIS Members, Event Registrants, Newsletter Subscribers, Award Nominees and Other Customers. AWIS asks some users to voluntarily provide some limited information, such as name, job title, company, business address, business phone, fax , e-mail, and, in cases where a payment to AWIS is required, credit card account information. This information may be submitted to AWIS through membership applications, conference or webinar registration, publication orders, subscriptions, contest registrations or other AWIS forms. AWIS may also use unique identifiers in emails sent to AWIS members, event registrants, award nominees, newsletter subscribers and other customers to help AWIS understand which emails have been opened and if so, how many times. AWIS may also use custom URLs in these emails to track how many times recipients clicked on the URLs in an email message. We use this information to improve the quality and accuracy of our email campaigns.

Use and Disclosure of Information

Use of Data Collected From Users of the AWIS Website. We use data collected about users of the AWIS website only for internal and marketing purposes. We do not retain any personally identifying information.  

Comment Policy.  Our staff will moderate all comments on our site. While we do not censor based on point of view, we will delete comments (or links in comments) that are offensive or off topic.

While at no time will we attempt to change the meaning of a comment, we will, at our discretion, edit spelling or grammatical errors.  To protect the privacy of individuals, we will remove names when appropriate. When a significant change to a comment is made, there will be an editor’s note at the end of the comment.

AWIS reserves the right to change our comment policy at any time.

Use of Information Collected From AWIS Members, Event Registrants, Newsletter Subscribers, Award Nominees and Other Customers. AWIS uses the data it collects from AWIS members, event registrants, newsletter subscribers, award nominees and other customers to: (i) identify AWIS members and administer user accounts; (ii) fulfill orders, send newsletters, manage conferences etc; (iii) develop and improve the products and services offered by AWIS; and (iv) contact members and other customers with information about AWIS products, services, promotions or special offers, unless they have indicated that they do not want to be contacted. Anyone may choose to opt-out from receiving AWIS communications by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the AWIS communication and then selecting the unwanted communications. Alternatively, anyone may email AWIS at

Disclosure of Information to Third Parties. AWIS makes member company product information and contact information available to members of AWIS.  AWIS may also share data with third parties who may want to send AWIS event registrants information about their products or services. AWIS requires these third parties to maintain, use, and disclose any information provided by AWIS in a manner consistent with this policy. Members may opt-out of this information sharing by indicating their preferences in their account profile.

Disclosure to AWIS Contractors.  AWIS employs contractors to assist with administrative and other functions and may provide contractors with access to data. Contractors include lawyers, auditors, and other service providers. An individual cannot opt-out of disclosures to AWIS contractors. AWIS requires its contractors who have access to member or personal information to maintain, use, and disclose any information provided by AWIS in a manner consistent with this policy.

Individuals May Opt Out At Any Time.  Individuals may request AWIS to stop third party disclosures by indicating their preferences on their AWIS member account profile or when registering for an AWIS event or other instance in which they are providing contact information to AWIS. On a conference-by-conference basis registrants will be also be given the opportunity to express their preferences whether to allow AWIS to share their contact information with other registrants, conference sponsors and other third parties. At any other time, individuals who do not want AWIS to share their contact information with third parties may also should log into their member profile to indicate their preferences or contact AWIS directly at

Use of Credit Card Account Information. When members and customers choose to pay using their credit cards, AWIS submits payment information to the appropriate clearinghouse. AWIS does not otherwise store or disclose credit card account information provided by its members and customers.

Other Disclosures.  AWIS does not generally disclose personal information except as described here. However, in the event that we believe that our website has been hacked or we find evidence suggesting improper or criminal activity, we reserve the right to share information with law enforcement and others. We may also make disclosures to take precautions against liability or to provide information to law enforcement agencies or for an investigation on a matter related to public safety.

Security & Compliance

AWIS stores all information it collects on servers accessible only by AWIS employees and contractors. We use reasonable and current security methods to prevent unauthorized access, unauthorized disclosure, loss, and destruction; maintain data accuracy; and ensure correct use of information. Account information and profiles are password-protected. We recommend that AWIS members and any others with password-protected access to the AWIS website not divulge their password to anyone and take adequate precautions to ensure that their password is not accessible to third parties. Although we try to protect any information transmitted to us, we cannot ensure or guarantee the security of it, and users do so at their own risk. When AWIS employs contractors that may have access to personal information, we require that they maintain, use, and disclose any information provided by AWIS in a manner consistent with this policy.

AWIS is committed to making sure that its privacy policy is understood and respected by all of its employees. All AWIS employees who collect, access or disclose information about members and customers are informed of this policy to ensure that they understand the importance of privacy and how our policy affects an individual's job responsibilities.


External Links. AWIS's website provides links to other websites that AWIS does not control. Each of these sites maintains its own independent privacy and data collection practices and procedures. Users who visit a website that is linked to our site should consult that site's privacy policy.

AWIS does not knowingly market its goods or services to, or collect data from, or otherwise target minors.

Assent and Modifications to Privacy Policy

Use of this website signifies agreement to the terms of AWIS's privacy policy. Any user who does not agree with these terms, should navigate away from the site and not disclose any information through this site. AWIS may modify this privacy policy at any time at its discretion and modifications are effective upon being posted on this site or as otherwise stated. Users should review this privacy policy periodically to ensure that they are aware of any changes to it. AWIS will, when practicable, notify users of material changes by placing a prominent notice on the AWIS website. Upon request, AWIS will also attempt to notify existing AWIS members, event registrants, newsletter subscribers, award nominees and other existing AWIS customers of material changes to this privacy policy.

Concerns or Complaints

Anyone who believes that AWIS has not adhered to its privacy policy or is otherwise concerned about the treatment of their data should contact AWIS at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or (703)894-4490.

1667 K Street NW, Suite 800, Washington, DC 20006 (202) 588-8175